Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

08 September 2017 / By admin


HOWARD CREATIVE CO. is a creative agency based just outside St. Louis in Collinsville, IL offering unique, intelligent, and ‘different’ ideas on design, development, marketing, and branding.

Founded in 2017 by Christopher Howard,Howard Creative Co. is passionate about design, development, and creatively solving problems that will push the boundaries of your business and help your company or brand fulfill its potential.

“The launch of Howard Creative Co is such an exciting time for the Howard Creative Co. Not only will we be able to offer an incredible service to external clients through our extensive knowledge of online marketing and creative abilities, but it will also add value to the Jigsaw brand, and help internalize development and marketing functions for existing Howard Creative brands within the Howard Group. Here’s to an incredible 2017 and beyond!”

Christopher Howard


We like being different…We are committed to understanding the larger challenges faced by each business we deal with and will apply an immersive and open and honest collaborative approach to all tasks thrown at us.

By being partners in the truest sense of the word we believe in discussions, not briefs; solutions, not problems; and friendships, not client relationships. We will spend as much time as possible going over the finer details to get to exactly what is needed.

If you are intrigued or excited by Howard Creative Co. and would like to work with us we are always seeking new partners so feel free to visit us over at our website or drop us an email

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